Susan Barbour, Ed.D. Psychologist

Everyone that comes to therapy is seeking a second chance. You and I create a time, place, and space for you to integrate painful feelings that have prevented you from living, working, and loving in a fulfilling and satisfying way.

The work I do can help those who have not been sufficiently helped by prior psychotherapy.  I frequently see clients frustrated by medical and mental health clinics, long wait time, the lack of weekly appointment times, and manualized therapies.

Therapy Begins … I listen and we consider what is happening for you, and what prompted your inquiry.

Therapy Continues … with consideration of your present life, hopes, dreams, and relationships. We discuss what you want to get from your therapy process. We view the present through the lens of your present and past relationships in your past and in our therapeutic alliance. In deeper work we can consider meanings below the surface, dreams, fantasies and your coloring of everyday relationships that subtly shift your moods. 

Change & Growth … are possible. I help people experience themselves, their life and work more fully.  Although it is not easy to begin therapy, it gradually becomes easier, and usually relief follows. With the necessary ingredients, I can help you facilitate change and I work with you on what is getting in the way.   

Please link to “Person-Focused Problems” to review a list of the kinds of presenting problems I help you to address.

As a psychologist, I use a variety of theoretical orientations. As a psychoanalyst, I provide the depthful and integrative work of psychoanalysis. I also provide consultation to, teach, and mentor mental health providers and psychiatric residents. Learn more from the American Psychological Association about the specialty of psychoanalysis here.

Susan Barbour, Ed.D., Psychologist
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