The Benefits Of Private Pay For Psychotherapy

Does the saying fit?  You get what you pay for?

Over recent years psychotherapy is less stigmatized. Many people are benefiting from the potentially life-changing effects of a meaningful psychotherapy and opt to be selective in their choice of a psychologist to provide continuity in the therapy work.

Here are fifteen reasons to consider private pay for your psychotherapy.

  1. You get to choose the psychologist you think a good and personable fit for your needs and someone you want to work with.
  2. You and your psychologist decide the treatment and duration of your psychotherapy, not your insurer.
  3. Your psychologist has an expertise or specialized training that in-network providers do not.
  4. You want an experienced psychologist no longer interested to work at the behest of your insurance provider.
  5. Your in-network therapist does not offer the continuity that a regularly scheduled mutual commitment to the therapy process necessitates.
  6. You do not want your insurer to have a record of your visit or your diagnosis in their database. You may opt for private pay versus out-of-network.
  7. You have a previous therapeutic relationship with a psychologist that was helpful and you wish to resume your process with the same person now out-of-network with your insurer.
  8. You had a bad experience when a previous therapy process was abruptly concluded by an insurer determination to limit coverage.
  9. You, as a new therapist, psychologist or psychiatric resident want the benefit of learning through experience and without insurer intrusion.
  10. You prefer a non-medical/clinic office setting of a particular psychologist.
  11. You have a preventative health focus not supported by your insurer’s definition of “medically necessary” criteria.
  12. You want to get to the root of your issues and not be limited to a focused and symptom management perspective.
  13. You have the latitude to negotiate the session fee.
  14. You want the cost of your psychotherapy or psychoanalysis to come out of your HSA account as pre-tax dollars.
  15. You believe in wellness, preventative and facilitative interventions to assure health maintenance.
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