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Psychotherapy by VideoConferencing? Telephone? Yes to A Variety of Resources!

Your relationship with your therapist is different then any kind of relationship you have had whether in person or by telephone. Sharing between friends and with family members is about mutual give-and-take. Your relationship with a psychologist is different!  Psychotherapy helps you think mindfully about you. With whom do you have a relationship where you [...]

Help! What’s Going on in my Infant’s Mind?! Reflective Parenting

Answer: "A lot!" Learn Reflective Parenting -- A 30 second Self-Help Introduction –- -------- Yes, infants DO have minds! and,  They remember! However, their memory is a different kind of memory then adult use. It forms the basis of later kinds of learning, language and development. Yes, your infant knows and recognizes you, better then [...]

The Benefits Of Private Pay For Psychotherapy

Does the saying fit?  You get what you pay for? Over recent years psychotherapy is less stigmatized. Many people are benefiting from the potentially life-changing effects of a meaningful psychotherapy and opt to be selective in their choice of a psychologist to provide continuity in the therapy work. Here are fifteen reasons to consider private [...]