Practice Location & Info.

Practice Location

My private practice office is located in close proximity to downtown Milwaukee, the East Side, Marquette and UW Milwaukee Universities.  My office is easily accessible from points north and south via Lake Drive and route 794, points west via route 94. Street parking is available without charge.  The new “Hop” Streetcar stops at Cathedral Square, as well as Jackson & Juneau, both a short walk, making travel from the Third and Fifth Wards easy! 

This is a quiet and private office within a historic office building of other private therapists and psychiatrists known as Therapies East Associates, LLC. I frequently see individuals who want to be seen privately, work with one person and someone experienced.

For some individuals the surety that insurers do not have access to your record helps you to feel more comfortable and deepen your therapy as you feel confident to do so.

Telephone Therapy

I provide distance therapy by telephone if this treatment is beneficial for you as part of your therapy, and you are a Wisconsin or Pennsylvania resident.


I work with you to establish a once weekly time that works for both of our schedules. 


Sessions are on a fee-for-service basis.  I offer fee adjustment as appropriate. I also submit claims on your behalf as an out-of-network provider and reimbursement comes to you according to your policy coverage. I recommend that you contact your insurance company to clarify your out-of-network benefit coverage and the terms of your policy reimbursement. 

I see many clients for a 55 minute session.  The cost is: $175.

I see some clients for 45 minutes. The cost is:  $155

I accept payment by credit card, HSA, FSA or check ($5.00 discount) at the time of service.  

Why Pay for Therapy Out-Of-Pocket?

I’ve was an in-network provider with insurances for many decades and have seen how some insurer’s involvement in the therapy process may compromise your ability to decide the best course of treatment. I have seen therapy curtailed by insurers.  

I discuss your Theraoy goals with you, make recommendations, and we talk about treatment options without a third party dictating the plan.  I also believe that your privacy and confidentiality are essential to the work.  I realize that an investment in your mental health and well-being is a big decision; I have worked with many, many, clients committed to a process where they have the choice and freedom to complete their therapy in their own time, not on insurers’ terms and time frame.